Beginning Gardeners begin

We spent a fantastic 3 hours in the garden on Saturday:) First things first, we decided to go with Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew ( It looks way do-able and we can create it in phases so that we can be successful pretty quickly without having everything planned out from the get go. This may work for you as well if you have a small space or are already container gardening as it is very similar. So we assembled our first 4'x4' box and wh

Garden Experiment-Zone 10b

Welcome to my Beginning Gardener Experiment. I am calling this an experiment because I have never ever had an organic garden or ever had a blog. Full disclosure: I did have a wheel barrel garden a few years back. I believe that there are others of you out there that want and need plant therapy in your life, but not sure where to start. Maybe you don't have space? time? know how? Let's do this together! I live in an apartment in Southern California, upstairs that is, and have