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Garden Experiment-Zone 10b

Welcome to my Beginning Gardener Experiment. I am calling this an experiment because I have never ever had an organic garden or ever had a blog. Full disclosure: I did have a wheel barrel garden a few years back. I believe that there are others of you out there that want and need plant therapy in your life, but not sure where to start. Maybe you don't have space? time? know how? Let's do this together!

I live in an apartment in Southern California, upstairs that is, and have maxed out the number of potted plants, succulent boxes, herb box, hanging containers and potted shrubs in my entryway. Let's just say that it is very hard to bring the groceries inside without getting plant attacked. So I started looking and found Huntington Beach Community Garden website ( and the wheels started turning. I signed up my husband and I as members of HBCG and we were just orientated and assigned our very first garden plot. It is 20'x15'; we originally discussed starting with a 1/2 plot, but they were triangular in shape and we decided that a full plot would suit our needs better. As beginning gardeners, it is a wee bit intimidating; however, let's power forward.

So I want to chronicle our journey from dirt plot to amazing organic garden. I hope that it helps give other beginners, who want to start but may be apprehensive, that little nudge to take the next step. I also intend to add other interesting tidbits that we may come across in our research. I will try to always add the source(s) where I find my little gems of wisdom because some may simply be a matter of personal opinion.

So, tell me what your are thinking in the comments. Ask me any questions that come up and I will do my best to answer them as we go through this process together. If you are thinking it, then others are too :)

[Pics] Here are the initial site pictures. Keep in mind there are a lot of rules that govern a community garden, so many decisions we make are because "they say so" and not necessarily my first choice aesthetically. So, here we goooo...


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