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Cooking with Gas

We are really moving along on our organic garden. Recently we put in a second sqft garden box, got the soil mixed, the wooden grid put together, lattice for the renegade tomato plant and a 2'x15' sunflower bed dug up & amended along the north border AND all less time than it took to construct the original box! This is really good news, since we want to spend our time planting & tending and not so much on constructing. The plan is to get the last two up and running on our next garden day which is typically on Saturdays. The other cool thing is that I decided to plant a few things from organic seed rather than solely from purchased seedlings...fingers, toes and eyes crossed that they germinate.

The seeds chosen were Blue Lake beans, Kaleidoscope carrots and Mammoth sunflowers; however, our newest seedlings are red cabbage and brussel sprouts, You may (or may not) notice in the photos that the snapdragons were moved to the new box. I had to transplant them over so I could make use of the trellis' for the beans. I was happy to see that the snapdragon roots were reaching out, so they seem to like the soil mixture we use...yay.

Did you know that you have to plant multiple carrot seeds in the hole to get a bunch of carrots? I did not know that. I learned that 1 seed=1 carrot, ergo 5 seeds= a bunch of carrots :) Sure it seems obvious now. Also, we found out that not all beans are climbers. We, in fact, planted bush beans not pole beans...oh well, garden and learn :) Happily we got our seeds in the ground before the big rains hit on Tuesday...yay again!

Anyone have any of your 'garden learning moments' to share...we would love to hear from you?

Happy Growing!

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