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Wascally Wabbit

Apparently, there was a break in at our HBCG plot while we were out of town at our National Convention in Layton, Utah. Peter's cousin, Popeye Cottontail broke in and ate my spinach! No, I did not catch him in the act LOL... I wish! (image taken from But let's be honest, if I had caught him in the act of eating my spinach, I would have let him continue and just made a photo-op out of it :) But look at my poor spinach plants...all four squares of spinach look like this (sob).

A section of the neighboring outer fence came down, so he hopped right in, chewed a hole through our common divider and feasted. We shall see how long the repair holds up. There are two other "repairs" that we noticed prior to our move in, so I think Popeye Cottontail is a repeat offender.

Others feasting on our garden bounty were...


I love them all!

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As always...Happy, healthy eating and continued Good Growing!

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