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San Marzano Shout-Out

I want to give a very heart-felt shout out to Monica. Mike's friend at work, Monica, goes to the Fullerton College Horticulture Department's Tomato Sale every year. This year she brought back 2 gorgeous San Marzano tomato plants for our garden. I love the plants, but most of all I appreciate her thinking of us and our garden. Her San Marzanos have been planted in a place of honor.

We expect some amazing meals to come out of these tomatoes. San Marzanos are a prized Roma type tomato. It is an heirloom variety that is great for cooking and preparing paste. Around May it should start flowering and then the bees will get to work. We expect to start harvesting fruit in mid to late June through October here in Southern Cal.

Thank you Monica :)

Happy, healthy eating and continued Good Growing!

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